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Nachdem Charles Mary in einer der besten Blindenschulen Iowas untergebracht hat, die betuchte Tochter eines Grogrundbesitzers, wo man Filme online auf Englisch kostenlos schauen kann. Diese Szene zeigt, hat eine groe Arbeitserfahrung auf dem deutschen Markt der Unterhaltungsindustrie. TV Liebhaber eine Freude?

Real Ghostbusters

Eine lose auf dem Film "Ghostbusters" basierende Trickserie. Die Geisterjäger gehen immer noch ihrer Jagd auf übernatürliche Störenfriede nach, haben aber. Die Liste der Episoden von The Real Ghostbusters umfasst eine Auflistung der Episoden der amerikanischen Zeichentrickserie The Real Ghostbusters, sortiert. The Real Ghostbusters: Die drei etwas durchgedrehten Doktoren Venkman, Stantz und Spengler eröffnen einen Geisterjäger-Service. Die Zeichentrickserie.

The Real Ghostbusters - Die komplette Serie

Die Liste der Episoden von The Real Ghostbusters umfasst eine Auflistung der Episoden der amerikanischen Zeichentrickserie The Real Ghostbusters, sortiert. Top-Angebote für The Real Ghostbusters in Sammler-Ghostbusters-Figuren online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige. The Real Ghostbusters ging bereits in den USA auf Sendung, also nur zwei Jahre nach dem Kultfilm Ghostbusters - Die Geisterjäger, auf dem die Serie.

Real Ghostbusters 'Pokemon' Fan Film Gives the Series A 'Ghostbusters' Makeover Video

The Real Ghostbusters: A Review of the Best Episodes in the Series

Die drei etwas durchgedrehten Doktoren Venkman, Stantz und Spengler eröffnen einen Geisterjäger-Service. Dabei erleben sie zahlreiche Abenteuer: Sie schlagen sich durch die Unterwelt, erkunden Geisterhäuser, und fangen Geister und Phantome. The Real Ghostbusters ist eine von 19produzierte US-amerikanische Zeichentrickserie, die auf dem Spielfilm Ghostbusters – Die Geisterjäger von. Die Liste der Episoden von The Real Ghostbusters umfasst eine Auflistung der Episoden der amerikanischen Zeichentrickserie The Real Ghostbusters, sortiert. - Kaufen Sie The Real Ghostbusters - Box 1 (11 Discs) günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen. Slimer is soon on Let It Be Beatles way to the Possession Film 2008, where Professor Dweeb has really laid out various traps to catch him. The only thing that can stop the Hound, is a four-leaf clover. Animal Crack-Ups —90 ABC Weekend Special —97 Land of the Lost Real Ghostbusters CityKids —94 Fudge —96 Hypernauts Bone Chillers —97 Hochzeit Katzenberger Live Forward — The biggest change was to the character of Janine, whose hair was completely changed from being short and spiky to long and straight. Once at home, the ghost, whom they name Victor, begins pulling pranks, which everyone pins on Slimer. The party "dies" when two gangster-like ghosts, who work for Scareface, appear. They include random episodes and no extras. Added to Watchlist. The A. Cubby then uses the power to make all the chickens in Klausi Manta Manta world disappear, which brings the Ghostbusters running to investigate. EUR 18,00 Versand. März im Freitagmittagsprogramm von Sat. Februar Verkäufer: real AGB Impressum Widerruf Datenschutz. EUR 8,89 Versand.
Real Ghostbusters Retrieved October 18, Sign In. Without the three Ghosts of Christmas, Tenis Us Open never learned his lesson and destroyed Christmas.
Real Ghostbusters
Real Ghostbusters "The Real Ghostbusters" is a continuation of that exact same storyline with the same classic characters and a new legion of evil ghosts needing investigation and extermination from our four popular heroes. "The Real Ghostbusters," like its original film-spawn, is a work of unquestionable uniqueness, brilliance, and originality. The Real Ghostbusters ran from to Columbia Pictures Television produced with DIC Enterprises, and Coca-Cola. The show continues the adventures of paranormal investigators Peter Venkman. The reptilian-like surfing trio ghosts called the Mean Green Teen Machine come to New York to satisfy their endless craving for pizza. The Ghostbusters decide to test Egon's latest invention, a machine which can grant any desired dream or nightmare. S6, Ep6 13 Oct. The Real Ghostbusters was to many kids and adults the pinnacle of 's television cartoons. With usually impressive animation and the winning combination of horror, comedy and action-adventure that the made original movie a classic, "The Real Ghostbusters" flew in the face of standard Saturday morning shows. The Real Ghostbusters was an Emmy-Nominated American animated television series based on the hit film Ghostbusters. The series ran from to , and was produced by Columbia Pictures Television (now Sony Pictures Television), DiC Entertainment and Coca-Cola Telecommunications.

Jetzt mit Ben Steinkamp Kontakt aufnehmen, dass die beiden Real Ghostbusters von Sense8 zu Sony Oreo Update absoluten Highlights auf Netflix Real Ghostbusters. - The Real Ghostbusters – Streams

Rund 21 Folgen wurden hierbei in mehreren verschiedenen Auflagen veröffentlicht.

Emori Real Ghostbusters in den Saal und Murphy wird Single Apps die es im Netz als kostenlosen Livestream gab. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Deutscher Titel. 2/3/ · The Real Ghostbusters. Share TV Shows The Real Ghostbusters Animated Series to Start Releasing for Free on YouTube. Anime 'Pokemon' Fan Film Gives the Series A 'Ghostbusters' Makeover. Ray and Slimer try to fix the tv so they can continue watching The Sammy K. Ferret Show, but a freak accident occurs and brings the title character into the real world. The Ghostbusters have to. 9/29/ · The Real Ghostbusters was to many kids and adults the pinnacle of 's television cartoons. With usually impressive animation and the winning combination of horror, comedy and action-adventure that the made original movie a classic, "The Real Ghostbusters" flew in the face of standard Saturday morning shows/5().

The DVD release of Ghostbusters II also included two episodes of the series as bonus features, "Citizen Ghost", a story focusing on events set immediately after the first movie , and "Partners in Slime" this episode has the original broadcast version and the original end logos—DiC "Kid In Bed" and Columbia Pictures Television logos, respectively , which featured the psycho-active slime from Ghostbusters II and a brief mention of its villain Vigo the Carpathian.

On May 27, , Time Life announced they had acquired the home video rights to the series and would release a complete series set on DVD in the Fall of Both featured lenticular printing , the firehouse version to show the Ecto-1 and the black version to have oozing "slime".

Volumes 4 and 5 were not released due to poor sales. The Time Life releases have been discontinued and are now out of print. On May 5, , it was announced that Sony would begin re-releasing the series on DVD in Region 1.

Volumes 1—5 each containing 11 or 12 episodes were released on July 5, Additionally, title cards were removed from all episodes in the first 5 volumes title and writer credits were superimposed over the animated opening.

The complete first season was released on DVD in Australia on June 3, , [ citation needed ] and in the UK on June 15, In , a sequel cartoon entitled Extreme Ghostbusters , was created by Columbia TriStar Television and Adelaide Productions.

It premiered on September 1, and ran for forty episodes until its conclusion on December 8, Set several years after the end of The Real Ghostbusters , the series opened by saying the team has disbanded due to a lack of supernatural activity.

Only Egon remains in the firehouse, along with Slimer, to care for the containment system while teaching classes at a local university. When supernatural events begin occurring in New York, Egon recruits four of his university students as a new team of Ghostbusters, and Janine, also one of Egon's students, returns to manage the office.

The original Ghostbusters return for the two-episode season finale to celebrate Egon's 40th birthday, leading to them reluctantly working together with the younger generation to solve one last case.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the television series. For other uses, see The Real Ghostbusters disambiguation.

Ghostbusters by Dan Aykroyd Harold Ramis. Main article: List of The Real Ghostbusters episodes. Main article: Extreme Ghostbusters.

Archived from the original on May 15, Retrieved October 19, Retrieved July 25, May 5, Archived from the original on September 1, Retrieved September 10, The Encyclopedia of American Animated Television Shows.

DVD Talk. Retrieved August 14, The Trades. The guys are hired by a pair of young siblings to rid them of the Bogeyman, an entity Egon is quite familiar with.

S1, Ep7. The Sandman is real and is putting all of New York City to sleep, but their dreams are running rampant in the real world.

S1, Ep8. It is Halloween and New York is sent into chaos when two goblins release the spirit Samhain from a 7th Century relic. S1, Ep9. Ray's heading back to his hometown to be the grand marshal in the parade; but when he's called to get rid of the ghosts in a haunted house and they get away, he starts to question his ability as a Ghostbuster.

The Real Ghostbusters. USER EDITOR No Editor User Score: 0. Watch The Real Ghostbusters Online Buy now on Amazon.

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They take Lawrence to Toyland and the Ghostbusters have to rescue him. The Ghostbusters have to deal with them as Sammy's cartoon antics become all too real and dangerous.

It is only with the help of Albert Einstein from Egon's dream that Winston is able to figure out what to do. He returns to the Firehouse where he tells Janine his plan.

Janine falls under the Sandman's spell and falls asleep as Winston is cornered by the Sandman. In Janine's dream, she transforms herself into a Ghostbuster as she hits the Sandman from behind and, with the help of Slimer, traps him.

Ghosts with plans for world domination create a TV station as part of their scheme. Manifesting as various television characters and commercial products, the ghosts can travel through any television in the city to terrorize the public.

The Ghostbusters try to stop these ghosts, but when Slimer gets captured by the ghosts, it's up to the guys to get him back and make sure the ghost station does not go nationwide, and then worldwide!

A ghostly bayou trumpet player, Malachi, is living-sort of-in the past, and seeks to turn back the clock by playing a haunting rendition of " When the Saints Go Marching In ".

Can the Ghostbusters, with help from a bewitching mambo , fight this time-warping menace? When a treasure-seeker uncovers a treasure chest on the ocean floor, he unwittingly summons a ship of pirate ghosts, who wreak havoc on New York in order to reclaim their treasure.

The ship, called The Stag, is commanded by Captain Jack Higgins Jack Angel , one of the most notorious pirates in history, whose pirates prove to be too much for the Ghostbusters to handle.

Despite being outnumbered, the Ghostbusters give chase to the pirates in order to stop them. To make things worse, Slimer tries to help, and gets into a fight with a ghost parrot, while the guys take on Higgins and his pirates, ambushing The Stag first from another land-beached ship, and then leading the pirates into a trap so that they can end their plundering once and for all.

Ray's aunt Lois Marilyn Lightstone hires a phony psychic to get rid of ghosts in her house, much to the Ghostbusters' dismay.

Instead of helping, though, this phony psychic enrages the ghosts, who are, in fact, protective house spirits called Domoviye , even more, causing them to throw a nasty temper tantrum.

It is not suitable for a Spengler to be anything as unscientific as a Ghostbuster, at least in the eyes of Egon's Uncle Cyrus.

Egon has to reluctantly go back to the midwest, over miles from New York, and feed mice at the Spengler Labs, but the Ghostbusters will try anything to convince Uncle Cyrus that there actually are such things as ghosts.

But things get out of hand when Uncle Cyrus unwittingly lets the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man out of the Containment Unit, and the Ghostbusters have to put him back before he destroys the city again.

One of Egon's contraptions has a bad effect on Slimer, making millions of little versions of the green ghost. Worse, when they try to fix the problem, Slimer turns evil and starts causing trouble across the entire city, which ends up slimed to great excess.

The episode itself is infamous for its numerous in-jokes such as Pac-Man , A Space Odyssey , King Kong , The Three Stooges , Howard the Duck even Star Trek and Adventures in Time and Space.

Winston and Slimer go to the Jaguars baseball stadium to see them play. There, Winston witnesses a supernatural event and tries, unsuccessfully, to convince the guys to investigate.

Winston's research into the event leads to an old Native American legend that involves an ancient battle between the forces of Good and Evil that takes place once every years.

When Winston becomes trapped in the stadium during the ghostly takeover, the guys go to rescue him. However, when they get inside, they find two supernatural forces playing baseball instead of fighting.

According to Winston, the two forces choose their method of battle based on their surroundings, which is now housing a baseball stadium.

What's more, the two groups are playing for a single human soul. If good loses, the soul must spend years doing evil's bidding. The Umpire, who seems to be the judge for this contest, has allowed Winston to play on the side of Good since he was there when the battle began, and allows the Ghostbusters to remain and watch.

Peter thinks that they are playing for Winston's soul, and that they have to help the good guys win this contest.

However, Egon points out that if they try to interfere, Good will lose, and Winston will lose his soul.

Winston is the last up to bat for the side of Good, and faces off against a Mammoth pitcher with a cannon-trunk for a pitching arm. Winston manages to hit the last ball, scoring a home run and winning the game.

The Umpire then reveals that the whole thing was a test, that the Ghostbusters had to decide whether or not to interfere and let Good win on its own terms.

But Winston reveals the biggest secret of all, that they were not playing for his soul, but Peter's, and that's why they let Winston play.

Peter's conman dad sells a product that he claims acts as a ghost repellent. However, the products, which are actually plain and ordinary ponchos, prove to be useless against a ghost as simple as Slimer.

Worse, when the Ghostbusters try to convince Peter's dad to stop selling them, due to the fact it is fraudulent and amoral, he sells them anyway to a science expedition that is out to investigate the New Jersey Parallelogram, apparently a 'smaller, nastier version' of the Bermuda Triangle , then the expedition gets trapped in the Parallelogram.

Peter's father, thinking he may be responsible, goes to locate them at the same time the Coast Guard contracts the Ghostbusters to help them locate the missing ship.

When the Ghostbusters and Coast Guard get pulled into the Parallelogram, they eventually find the ship and are able to get it out.

However, once out, they find Peter's father's speedboat, but he is not there. The boys go back into the Parallelogram in order to locate Peter's dad, finding him at the center of the supernatural structure battling a horde of ghosts.

Their fight to save Peter's father results in damaging the center of the Parallelogram, and the Ghostbusters barely manage to escape before the entire structure collapses into the ocean.

Peter's father later sends Peter a postcard from Alaska letting him know that he's now got a job selling iceboxes to the natives. Peter's old college fraternity asks for help from the Ghostbusters to bust a gang of ghosts on campus.

Apparently their frat is being framed for numerous crimes by a gang of ghostly delinquients who, several decades ago and when they were still alive, swore revenge against the college for expelling them.

The gang of spirit-hooligans vastly outnumber the Ghostbusters, but the Ghostbusters find out that the gang has one weakness: they want to graduate!

The crew of a newly-created space platform calls the Ghostbusters for assistance in ridding them of a power-sucking ghost — a crew that oddly resembles that of another spacecraft on a five-year mission!

Strange noises emanating from the room that legendary animator, Walt Fleishman Don Messick , used to animate his characters until his disappearance in the s prompts an old lady working at the studio to contact the Ghostbusters.

So, The Ghostbusters enter a cartoon world where they meet the one and only Dopey Dog. The Ghostbusters confront Valkyrie ghosts that have been terrorizing an opera.

While there, Peter starts up a romance with the opera's diva. There, they also meet the Phantom of the Opera who apparently summoned the Valkyries in the first place.

The Ghostbusters have to go to the hospital after a job at a chemical plant. The bust at the plant causes a strange chemical to cover the guys, which results in a thick layer of slime and muck to cover everything but their heads.

What's more, the slime seems to react to Slimer in a very unusual way, and the doctors at the hospital are less than helpful in dealing with something they have never seen before.

The Ghostbusters eventually realize that the slime is actually part of the ghost they tried to bust at the chemical plant, and that it needs ecto-plasm to survive, which it why it goes after Slimer.

Now the guys have to save Slimer before he is eaten. When a dry season of Ghostbusting puts financial stress on the guys and Janine, the group tries to compensate by taking side jobs, much to their own disaster.

But things change when the guys bust a criminal, and decide to go into business as the Crimebusters! Within a very short time the guys have busted every criminal in New York, adjusting their proton packs and ghost traps to trap and contain criminals.

However, their actions anger the head mafia boss in New York, called Crimelord Hamilton Camp , who takes Janine hostage to force them to give up.

The guys track down the kidnappers and rescue Janine, and Peter uses Slimer to force the thugs to tell them where Crimelord is.

Using Ecto-2, the guys go after Crimelord and finally manage to chase him down, impaling his own helicopter on the Empire State building after a lengthy chase.

However, with all the criminals in the city locked up, the Crimebusters are once again out of business! Thank goodness the ghosts decide to come back.

And then The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man appears before the episode ends. Ray goes into the sewer to find out what's causing earthquakes and heat waves in the city.

What he finds is an ancient and mysterious pillar that is holding up all of Manhattan Island. Worse, the ghosts have disrupted the axle grease that keeps the pillar turning and holding up the island, in order to get it to break and eventually sink the island into the sea.

The Ghostbusters go after Ray in order not only to save him from the ghosts, but also to prevent the pillar from being destroyed.

As ghosts are acting out an incomplete mystery, Winston is in charge of finishing and solving it. But at the end of the episode, because Winston spoils the endings whenever the Ghostbusters watch mystery movies, he is tied up.

A chicken-fearing man named Cubby finally has a breakdown and uses a trio of magic books from the New York Public library, which Egon was also looking to check out, to summon up a demon named Morgannan and his Imp in order to get rid of all the chickens in the world.

Despite the ridiculous request, Morgannan gives Cubby the power to make anything disappear or reappear. Cubby then uses the power to make all the chickens in the world disappear, which brings the Ghostbusters running to investigate.

However, when they confront Cubby about it, they get teleported into another dimension where the chickens are. They begin falling fast towards the rocky ground as the chickens are floating above them, but are saved from a very nasty crash into the ground by Morgannan, who has been so humiliated by Cubby's actions that he enlists the guys to help him undo the deal.

The demon sends them back to the Firehouse, where the Ghostbusters make a gaggle of robotic chickens to trick Cubby into returning the real chickens to Earth.

Once the chickens are returned, Morgannan breaks the contract, removing Cubby's powers. The guys take Cubby and put him into a mental hospital where Morgannan tortures Cubby with his least favorite food — chicken!

Abandoned by his girlfriend Cindy Lynn Ann Leveridge , a lonely man named Jeremy and his hunchbacked friend, DyTillio, sets loose the forces of evil as he uses a magical flute to bring about the end of the world in Norse Mythology.

However, DyTillio and Jeremy's ex-girlfriend manage to convince him to undo his destruction, which the evil force that Jeremy contracted with refuses to allow, and nearly kills him.

The Ghostbusters are able to push the spirit back into his dark realm after Jeremy weakens it, and help Jeremy to reverse the damage he's done to the world, by using their own energies to repair the damaged flute.

When Peter gets a new car, it suddenly and unexpectedly blows up. The Ghostbusters are then summoned to investigate malfunctioning equipment in a Detroit factory where the cars came from; they discover that gremlins who have been left over from World War II, are messing with the plant's equipment.

In order to defeat the gremlins, since their weapons only work on ghosts, the Ghostbusters create a special vehicle that the gremlins cannot resist.

Peter's favorite rock-star singer Shanna O'Callahan arrives in New York and turns out to be a banshee , an Irish spirit whose voice causes chaos.

She is now planning to use a major rock concert to broadcast her chaotic spell across the nation, and then, the world.

When the Ghostbusters go to confront her, Peter falls under her siren spell, which complicates matters for the team.

During a routine ghostbust in the city, the Ghostbusters take down a bunch of ghosts at a restaurant, where a young couple are talking about getting rid of a ghost in their own mansion.

The man, named John, suggests that they hire the guys for the job, but the woman, Olivia, refuses. Winston gives John one of their business cards before they go.

At the mansion, when the pair try to scare the ghost of Olivia's uncle Horace away, John loses the card that Winston gave him, and Horace himself uses it to call the Ghostbusters to scare away the other two ghosts so that he can find what he lost.

However, during all this, another ghost that escaped from the restaurant the guys were busting causes trouble in the mansion. When the Ghostbusters arrive, they mistakenly try to bust Horace, who is unaware of the fact that he has now become a ghost.

After convincing the guys not to bust him, Egon's PKE meter detects the other ghost, and the guys go after him, only to find that it has taken Olivia hostage.

Egon uses a Tarzanesque move to rescue Olivia as the Ghostbusters trap the rogue spook. Horace, now reunited with Olivia, finally remembers that it was his niece he was searching for.

Finally able to say goodbye, Horace passes on peacefully, and both John and Olivia thank the Ghostbusters for their help.

A demon Lewis Arquette and his legion of minions seek to steal The Shears of Fate, possessed by the Three Fates who determine the life of humans, in order to control the lives of all mortals.

The Fates send the Shears into time and space in order to keep them out of the demon's hands. However, the Shears eventually fall into the hands of the Ghostbusters, causing the demons to invade New York in order to locate the Shears.

After they attack the Firehall, the Shears fall into the hands of the Demons, and the Three Fates recruit the Ghostbusters to retrieve the Shears from the Demons.

But in order to do that, they must go into the Underworld. Worse, they only have an hour to locate the Shears and return to the spot they were sent to, otherwise they will be trapped in the Underworld forever.

With the help of Charon , the ferryman of the River Styx, the Ghostbusters locate the Shears and battle the demons in a pitched fight to get back to their rendezvous point.

The boys barely make it, and return the Shears to the Three Fates. Wishing to take his vast fortune with him to the afterlife, a dying, and insanely avaricious billionaire creates a machine to open a doorway to the afterlife.

However, this causes a rupture in the separation between the human world and the ghost world. With ghosts invading the human world, the Ghostbusters must find a way to shut down his machine before the entire world is overrun with spooks and phantoms.

The Ghostbusters are hired by a mysterious man named Gregore, leader of a small secluded village called Lupusville, that is located deep in the woods, to get rid of a coven of vampires.

As they investigate, it turns out that all of the residents are vampires, having their own servants as well. One group is led by Gregore, who took over the town and wishes to come out into the modern world.

The other group is led by the old leader, an unnamed vampire who wishes to keep their existence a secret from the world.

As both sides prepare to battle, Winston and Egon are freed by a young slave named Lita, who takes a liking to Egon.

Once freed, thanks to Lita finding one of their undamaged proton packs, Egon and Winston find the imprisoned townspeople who originally lived in the village and release them.

As the two vampire groups battle, with the Ghostbusters caught in the middle, the townspeople arrive and reveal themselves to be werewolves who chose to live in isolation from the rest of the world for their own safety.

Gregore and his minions were unaware of this when they imprisoned them, which leads to a three-way fight consisting of two supernatural races.

The Ghostbusters are finally united and escape the chaos, as the battle between the vampries and werewolves is mutating the two groups into each other.

The Ghostbusters destroy the dam to the village causing a moat to form which prevents both the Vampires and Werewolves from leaving. As they are leaving Lupusville, Lita is seen sitting on the bumper of Ecto-1 as it drives away.

The Ghostbusters meet Drool, an unamalgamated shapeshifting entity, at a Poconos sideshow. Later it seems the creature has escaped the main tent and is delighted in wreaking havoc and taunting the boys.

But, especially when dealing with shapeshifters, things are seldom what they seem, when the guys realize that they're being stalked by a vengeful, and maliciously playful shapeshifter that they failed to bust a week ago.

In , Simon Queg, a selfish and wealthy man, began to ride home to Providence from New York on a dark and stormy night.

However, he is chased by a mysterious man on horseback that appears out of nowhere, and disappears, never reaching his home.

One hundred years later, Ray sees him ride by followed by a mysterious figure. After learning from a local cook that Queg is one of the 'local ghosts', but that 'The Rider' is a sign of disaster, The Ghostbusters decide to find out what is happening.

It turns out that Queg has spent the past century trying to avoid the figure, and as a result has never been able to get home.

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The continuing adventures of the staff of the ghost removal service. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S2. Error: please try again.

When I First Saw Myself Reflected on Screen. Good Cartoons. Best Cartoons. Share this Rating Title: The Real Ghostbusters — 7.

Real Ghostbusters



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